Open Education

Addressing climate change demands collaborative, innovative, and interdisciplinary thinking to encourage learning and idea sharing. By adhering to the principles of Open Education, we aim to ensure everyone can access the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources necessary in the fight against climate change.

Open Education encourages the development of a new learning environment where everyone can access educational resources and tools without barriers, such as costs (like paywalls). Open Educational Resources (OERs) have a Creative Commons (CC) license. Unlike traditional copyrighted content, these Open resources are intended to be reused, remixed, and redistributed by everyone. OERs make critical knowledge more accessible to audiences, encourage learners and thinkers to collaborate to build upon and elevate existing ideas, and enhance the translation of valuable information into many different contexts.

When we practice Open Education and share Creative Commons licensed content, we open our knowledge base to thinkers worldwide who can build on these ideas and make them even better. This type of knowledge and idea sharing is what we need to address complex problems like climate change and advance the development of inventive, innovative, and ground-breaking solutions.